Posted by: Kaitlin | July 1, 2010

But the best part of today?

Today is July 1, and if that means nothing to you, then I will tell you. It’s Canada Day up here in the Great White North. (Ha! I jest.)  Anyway, we’ll come back to that.

At my job with the museum, I work independently at various libraries in Victoria, and I have found that it can be very difficult for me to stay on task because I don’t have to think very much, so I end up thinking about random other stuff, like what I need to do later, people I need to call, things I need to buy, and then feel the immediate need to take care of these important activities. This usually ends up with me on facebook.

So I decided I need to do something about this. I started drinking more water, and now I require a bathroom break approximately every hour that I work (yesterday I peed eight times) and this (blood flow, extra physical activity, change of scenery? I don’t know) increased my efficiency. To help combat my urgency to do things immediately, I started writing them down (in my moleskine!) immediately, and that helped me to forget about them because I know I can look later and accomplish them then. At the end of the day, I read the list and found it quite amusing. Here it is, with nothing changed, but with notes in italics where necessary.

Tuesday, June 29

  • Look at fiction magazine From my seat I could see a magazine with some sort of summer fiction headline.
  • What band has GT on their album cover? I came back from the bathroom and my screensaver was on and I watched it for a while and I wondered. It was Girl Talk.
  • Do wpm test I was pretty sure my typing speed had increased
  • What are other co-op students names? I don’t know, but I should
  • write a new blog post And here we are!
  • Bus schedule and free ride policy thurs Last year our transit system had free bus rides on Canada Day so people didn’t drive drunk and to cut down on the mob that is all of downtown
  • “Sum: Forty tales from the Afterlives,” Jason Eagleman I’ve been listening to the podcast WireTap and they read from this book lots and I want to read it.
  • Platsburg? In the podcast, the host Jonathan Goldstein talked about a family vacation to this city.
  • update tumblr to direct people to my wordpress blog haha
  • Invite Maure to cake party
  • look up Hannah Georgas on daytrotter If you’ve never heard her, you should check her out. And if you don’t know what daytrotter is, check that out too.

Canada Day is generally a combination fun festive family time in the day slash large drunkfest in the evening, which is just unfortunate. People dress up in all red and white, girls very scantily, and party.

Last week I was wondering about what I should do work wise on Canada Day. I wondered, will I get paid overtime? etc etc. BUT then on Tuesday, I was meeting with my supervisor and he told me that I get paid on Canada Day to not work. WHAT! NO WAY! And so then I decided that I can do all of these things from my new list, and I’ll be paid for it! And that is my best part of Canada Day.



  1. Hey what is tumblr? I would like to get more people to my word press site??

    Good blog!!

    • Hey Evie! Tumblr is just another blog supporting site, like wordpress, blogger, etc. I only got it because some of my friends have it, and I want to follow them.
      I don’t get very many people visiting my blog either, but I think one of the best ways to have people find it is to comment on other blogs.

  2. Hey Thanks. . .will check it out!!! Evie

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