Posted by: Kaitlin | July 1, 2010

It’s almost like robots are ruling our lives

I found this draft today, which I wrote on November 25, 2009. I think I didn’t publish it because I sometimes feel as though my writing is just stupid. But this isn’t, the distance showed me that it’s ok.

Today I was composing a comprehensive Birthday and Christmas wish list (they are combined because my birthday is three weeks before Christmas) for my mother and other members of my family. One of my wishes was a new Bible, in the TNIV (Today’s New International Version) because I do not have this version, and I would also like to acquire a Bible with the red letters, which, in the New Testament, denote words that Jesus spoke. So I made a google search and ended up on the Zondervan website, which is a longtime publisher of Bibles and “God” books. On the home page, I learned of an unfortunate new product.

This is the promotion video for the new Glo Bible, which is the Bible as a media platform. My understanding is that users are able to look at tons of maps from the eras spanning the times when the Bible was written, see photos of ancient sites and buildings, watch documentaries, search the whole Bible topically, listen to the Bible in audio format, go on virtual tours of biblical sites, and read Encyclopedia articles.

Watching the video and reading about Glo was an interesting contrast with some other book related research I was doing tonight. I have been thinking about the Kindle and the Sony Reader Digital Book. I compared them, looked at all of their specs and chose the Sony model. Then I picked out a pretty little cover. But then I looked at the Sony ebook store. The books run for $10 each, and I already own at least 300 books. I would never want to buy these books again in digital format, but they are also all of my favourites, so I would not want to have a portable library with books I do not even like. Eventually, I decided I like the “Dead Tree” format of the book better, and I don’t feel bad about this. I equivalate it to buying a real cd from a store, rather than on itunes, or maybe even to reading my real Bible, rather than having it on the computer. I do not like the culture that is created by everything being digital and “techy.” It’s just wrong. (Yet here I am, with a blog.)

After watching the promotion video  for Glo, I was mildly appalled. I think it undermines much of what makes the Christian faith so real to me- relationships, thinking, struggling and figuring ideas out for myself, rather than having it spoon fed to me. Rarely have I been reading the Bible and found a place name mentioned that I had never heard of and could not find in one of the maps at the back of my Bible, or in a five minute internet search. I cannot think of any way that this would save people time, money, or help their relationship with God. I just hope that people can be able to have faith not based on their technology.


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