Posted by: Kaitlin | November 9, 2010


Recently I have been thinking quite a bit about how I do not ponder often enough. I think about stuff all day, thoughts run marathons through my mind constantly and sometimes I feel like I can never turn my brain off, but rarely do I just meditate on something. I think that can be a valuable quality, being able to sit and ponder.

On my computer (which I have back since my last post) I use the sticky notes application very frequently. I have arranged them in a pretty design in different colours and with different fonts. I use them for things I need to do or buy, and books and music that I want, but I also use them for notes on thoughts that I have.

I have aspirations to write poetry and fiction and I have been told that I am not too bad at writing, but I also know that if I never practice writing, I will never be able to write a book. Every writer’s advice is to just write, no matter what it is, just get it down. With this in mind, I often have brilliant ideas for stories at the most inconvenient times. For example, I cannot count how many stories have been lost to, “the thin edge of sleep,” never to be remembered. (Beside my desk I have a physical sticky note of poetry with these words, but their author’s name has escaped me)

Even though I have these great notes that I have written down before the ideas escaped me, I have never written more about them than what I can fit on a digital sticky note. So this post is, I think, an effort to help me to remember to write. Write it down. Not just on a sticky, but the whole thought. With details, colours, designs, sounds, smells, tastes. This is the reason I bought my moleskine notebook. Remember when I was so excited for my notebook, and then when I finally bought it, I did not even write in it for at least a week? Writing about pondering is the kind of writing that is definitely suitable.

What prompted me to think about this now? It is the middle of the semester, I should not be getting down on myself for for not writing about my thoughts when I have so much reading and writing for school. Well, I recently started following my new friend’s blog, and he is so incredibly thoughtful, and writes on his blog much more frequently than I do, about real ideas that matter. So I was inspired, and I said to myself, “Self! What are you doing?! Keep writing you silly!” (Here I have used ‘silly’ as a noun).

Check out my friend’s blog here and if you want to write, do it.


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