Posted by: Kaitlin | November 19, 2010


Do you talk to yourself? Do you think to yourself about the things you do in a day? How does it go? Is it as if you are speaking to another person, or is it to “self?”
Recently I realized that I talk to myself out loud, just walking around with a constant verbal monologue, or dialogue depending on my mood.
When I was younger I used to dance around, and sometimes hum, even when there was no music playing. My mum would ask me what I was dancing to, and I told her, “there’s a stereo in my brain and it’s always playing music.” Now of course I think this is exceedingly weird, and perhaps my mother should have had me “checked,” but I think I’m ok, despite the fact that I’m two weeks away from my twenty second birthday and I’ve never had a boyfriend.
Oh how easily my thoughts get derailed.
This is only one example of what my conversations with myself sound like- just winding along based on whatever comes into my mind, but they are interesting because of where they go.



  1. Yes, Katie, alas I have seen you do this…
    But never fear! I think all of us do this! It happens to me when I’m trying to go to sleep, except its not out loud, more like a day dream. I have caught myself many times not knowing my mouth was moving or my eyes wide open staring at the emptiness of my ceiling though…

    • hahaha, you have seen me talk out loud to myself? Awesome.

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