Posted by: Kaitlin | December 1, 2010

earthquake prevention

A recent theme in my life and in the lives of some people I know is bottling emotions. I know I do this, but I recently realized that many people I know do this also. I wonder if this stems from some kind of fake-ness that we often encounter.

Consider this:
Esmeralda: Hey Jim Bob, how’s it going?
Jim Bob: Oh hey Ezzy, I’m great, how are you?
Esmeralda: I’m great!

Do you ever have this exact conversation? I know I have many times. Do you ever catch yourself telling someone you are great when in actuality you are stressed, or not sleeping well, or fighting with a close friend/significant other, or otherwise just not “great?” Do you do it with people other than co-workers or the cashier at the grocery store? Why do we do this? What if Esmeralda and Jim Bob are actually really good friends, and they both feel crappy but if they shared their real feelings they might actually be able to help each other?

Last week I decided to do an experiment. I was feeling very stressed over the 23 pressing tasks for the last few weeks of school, plus some people in my life were going crazy, so I waited for a person in one of my classes to ask how I was (because I knew someone would because that is just what people say) and I gave an honest answer. I said, “uhhh, well I am ok.” At my classmate’s look of concern which, for the purposes of experiment, I took as a prompt, I said, “well, I am hoping to make it to the weekend.” He replied, and this is truly amazing and I will tell you why, “well, at least none of us are going to die because of school work.” Of course! Why hadn’t I thought of that? This was so encouraging, and if I had never opened up, my classmate would never had said that!

So I want to encourage you to open up! Tell people how you are really feeling. You do not need to lay all your cards on the counter at the grocery check-out, but find a friend to talk with and tell them what is going on in your life. Or if someone in your life is bothering you, tell them! She probably has no idea that whenever she picks at her cuticles you want to gouge your eyes out.

So if you have feelings you are bottling, whether you are stressed from work or school, or Christmas shopping, or lack of sleep, or whether one or more of your friends is driving you into the middle of an intersection with frustration, I encourage you to open up to someone because you will feel so much better if you do not feel like a volcano, or an approaching earthquake. Good Luck!

Here’s a video that will make you happy:


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