I read books and listen to music and I think about funny, strange, interesting things. I am a history student at university and I want to make sure that a part of me will always remain if I were to disappear. I thought that a blog would be an interesting experiment to record these thoughts, for posterity, and see what other people think.

For the first year or so of my blog’s existence, I had zero comments, but now I get comments every once in a while! It’s very exciting and I love the community that the blogosphere provides.

I also have twitter, where I love followers! My name is ahoy_den.



  1. One of the things that first attracted me to writing when I was just a kid was the thought that I could leave a part of me behind after I’m gone.

    It takes a little while to start getting comments, but it’ll happen. One way to do that is to comment on others’ blogs. That makes more people aware of yours.

    Good luck, and have fun!

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